For the construction industry, ERP (enterprise-resource planning) technology has long been a staple in the space. However, now some contractors are making the switch to new software in order to increase productivity and reduce operational expenses.

Computer Guidance Corp.,, Scottsdale, Ariz., was recently launched at another construction company: George & Lynch,, Dover, Del., one of the largest infrastructure contractors serving the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States.

George & Lynch implemented Computer Guidance’s construction ERP solution. This eCMS ERP solution will now provide George & Lynch with a new competitive edge: increasing productivity and reducing operational expenses through integrated financial and project-management applications.

The eCMS ERP solution enables George & Lynch to boost business and provide its customers with value added via core financial management, job costing, order processing, purchasing, human resources, payroll, bill of materials, time and material billing, equipment accounting and maintenance, project collaborator, and plant sales applications. All of this return on investment will drive significant benefits from standardized business processes to improved productivity and efficiency—for the $100 million general and heavy construction business.

With more than 360 construction professionals specializing in a wide variety of heavy, infrastructure-related construction services—of which 80% are self-performed—George & Lynch requires integrated technology solutions. This will allow the company to manage its daily operations with realtime cost controls, on-demand performance monitoring, and accurate forecasting, according to Barry Hudson, chief financial officer, George & Lynch.

ERP technology such as this provides construction businesses a crucial competitive edge, with feature-rich application set, Web-based access, and integrated business intelligence and analytics applications. With these new tools, growing commercial contractors can survive and thrive in the face of today’s diverse business requirements.