Cleanroom construction takes rigid standards adherence and value engineering excellence. New laboratories continue to meet a high bar, including industry-leading LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards.

For example, Level 10 Construction,, Sunnyvale, Calif., recently completed several projects for CS Bio Co. Inc.,, Menlo Park, Calif., including construction of a state-of-the-art 35,000 sq. ft. cGMP laboratory, as well as the renovation of adjacent laboratory and office space in Menlo Park. The project is being built to LEED Gold certification standards and was constructed with the help of technology within a phased 18-month timeline so that CS Bio could meet operational and budgetary objectives.

The new 35,000 sq. ft. three-story cGMP manufacturing facility is built to expand the company’s existing biotech manufacturing capacity. This facility is devoted to production of high-quality peptides for the Life Sciences community. Included are Class 1,000, 10,000, and 100,000 cleanrooms, as well as office and conference spaces. Additionally, the new building is connected to the adjacent lab facility, with the two buildings separated by a seismic joint. A two-story atrium is constructed at the front of the new manufacturing facility.

In addition to building the new laboratory, Level 10 Construction refurbished both the exterior and interior of the 11,000 square foot existing lab facility, building out smaller scale labs and chemical storage rooms. Level 10 Construction also provided value engineering solutions to meet the requirements of the $15 million construction budget while still achieving all owner requirements and design intents. The Level 10 Construction project manager was Jack Hsueh, and the architect is DES Architects + Engineers,, Redwood City, Calif.

Level 10 Construction’s site work for the project comprised an equipment yard, roadways, landscaping and irrigation, bioswales, and new utilities. The facility is located in a cul-de-sac, which received new asphalt concrete and sidewalks to provide proper storm drainage as well as accessible paths of travel to the buildings.

Jason Chang, vice president of operations at CS Bio, says Level 10 Construction completed the project on time and on budget, and that the construction meets the FDA’s stringent quality standards for cGMP facilities. There were 100 construction people working in a building with cleanroom classifications, he says, with great planning, skill, technology, and precision required.

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