Workers today are more mobile than ever before, and that means the technology solutions they use on the job need to be mobile as well. Solutions for devices like tablets and smartphones make it possible for workers to get the job done no matter their location.

In the construction industry, this includes BIM (building information management) systems. RIB Software,, Stuttgart, Germany, recently announced one of its software solutions will be available as an app for the iPhone and iPad.

RIB Software’s iTWO Collaboration Exchange, iTWOcx, uses 5D BIM technology to connect various aspects of a project together, including engineering, construction, and infrastructure projects. These could include functions such as project conception, planning, budgeting, estimating, contracts and tendering, procurement, cost control, document management, and cloud collaboration.

By making iTWOcx available as a mobile solution, workers at a building site or a remote office will be able to easily access project data. The data is even available in places like mines, pipelines and railways where Internet access may be unavailable. In these cases, workers can input data as normal, and it will be automatically uploaded later when connectivity is restored. RIB Software says the app’s onboard database will synchronize via wireless or satellite when Internet services become available.

Overall, the goal of iTWOcx is to provide a single source for all project information. Paper use is reduced because the data flows into multiple systems automatically. In addition to capturing data in realtime, workers can also carry out actions such as approvals and record photo evidence through the app.

Mobile apps are becoming vital in the construction industry as companies see the benefits of remote data access. Solutions such as this one make it easier for workers to do their jobs and increase business communication and efficiency.