For the construction industry, the cloud offers a number of benefits—chiefly anywhere, anytime access of data. With this need continuing to grow in construction, technology providers continue to advance solutions with the cloud in mind.

One example of a solution offered in the cloud is Explorer Software’s,, Vancouver, B.C., Contract Manager Version 7, which is a browser-based construction solution that allows users to create reports quickly and without technical knowledge.

At its user conference, which took place last week, the company announced a new name for its flagship product, which the company has offered for more than 30 years. The software, previously known as Contract Manager Version 7, will now be called Eclipse.

Mark Liss, president, Explorer Software, explains with all the new changes in the product, the company felt it was time for a new name. The software offers dashboards and customize reports that allows each project manager to spend more time analyzing the reports and less time preparing them.

While this is one example of how a technology provider is moving a product forward, another way some software providers continue to advance solutions is through acquisition. When a construction-technology provider makes an acquisition, naturally users of the technology pay careful attention to how the software is being updated and advanced on a regular basis.

As one example, Viewpoint Construction Software,, Portland, Ore., acquired Maxwell Systems earlier this year, and just last week, the technology company announced one of the products acquired from Maxwell Systems is available in the cloud.

ProContractor by Viewpoint is now offered in the cloud, providing a browser-based tool for estimating, project management, and accounting.  The software is designed to meet the needs of the small-to-mid-sized contractors, allowing a construction company to manage the entire project lifecycle from bid to cash management.

As technology continues to be offered in the cloud, construction companies have more options for moving business operations forward.