Construction technology solutions are at the heart of successful collaboration. More and more, companies are using construction technology to work together.

As one example, Computer Guidance Corp.,, Scottsdale, Ariz., is an ERP (enterprise-resource planning) software vendor specializing in the construction industry. In business for more than 34 years, and part of JFM Technology Group,, Vancouver, B.C., its flagship eCMS version 4.0 provides an integrated financial and project-management solution that offers mobility.

James Hamilton Construction Co.,, Silver City, N.M., is a 70 year-old construction, mining, and general engineering prime contractor and subcontractor. The company selected eCMS in part to take advantage of the mobility features of the product. According to the IT Implementation Manager, Linda Fuller, it is critical to the success of the organization to be able to have full visibility into the field operations.

The company is rolling out the mobile eCMS to its field employees to support remote payroll and to provide tracking of key performance metrics. The mobile app provides access to financial and organizational tools for communication and decision-making in the field or at headquarters.

While this is one example, there are a number of construction companies that are looking for ways to leverage data while out at the jobsite. This is a growing trend in the industry, and one that is bound to continue to develop in the months ahead.

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