The role of technology is to bring people, processes, and data together, and the construction industry is well suited to embrace today’s next-generation solutions, which aim to converge business processes for more efficient, effective results.

Consider this: CMiC,, Toronto, Ont., released a Mobile Toolkit app for smartphones and tablets. This solution includes customizable enterprise-aware templates that are device agnostic. With this, organizations can more easily modify the look, feel, and functionality of the app.

The applications are deployed and run locally on-device, in order to ensure consistent application performance regardless of network conditions. Additionally, to support the wide variety of mobile user scenarios, CMiC Mobile provides a flexible run time architecture that enables user interfaces that best suit enterprise needs.

And the mobile-optimized user experience is available across multiple platforms and channels with minimal learning curve and training needs, whether a user interface is rendered locally on device or remotely on a server. The CMiC Mobile Toolkit templates feature: Daily Time Capture, Productivity Tracking, Field Document Management, and several more that enable the push-pull of data from the field to the office and vice versa.

While mobile is one of the big trends in the construction industry, another is the cloud—and CMiC looks to address both. CMiC’s HIKUU Construction Accounting is made for the construction industry and brings realtime changes and dynamic immediate access with no hardware installs or upgrades required. Company information is accessible to teams from any computer, anywhere in realtime. And, in terms of security, components are layered into network, servers, code, and database.

Finally, HIKUU software provides a realtime interface to change orders quickly and link to contract value. The software’s reporting features enable creation of accurate reports, balance sheets, sales tax reports, AR, and AP.

While this is one example, a number of construction-technology providers are releasing new solutions to address mobile and cloud in the construction industry.