The construction industry is changing as more and more builders and contractors adopt technology solutions such as software and mobile devices. While the industry’s migration to tech may be slow in comparison to other industries, the change is real and its impact will be lasting.

In order to prepare the next generation of construction professionals to take the helm, construction-focused university programs that train students on the use of the latest construction technologies are giving their graduates a head start. One example is the Engineering Technology Management program at UTC (University of Tennessee Chattanooga),, Chattanooga, Tenn.

The school recently announced it was awarded $650,000 worth of software from Synchro Software Ltd.,, Birmingham, U.K., which will benefit UTC students pursuing the Construction Management concentration in the College of Engineering and Computer Science. UTC’s goal is to provide an encompassing and advantageous learning environment that will help its students transition quickly to the real world of construction and engineering after graduation.

Synchro is a technology company dedicated to delivering workflow improvements to the construction industry through products such as 4D visual project-management and planning and scheduling software, among others. Through its university program, the company offers free licenses to schools that offer a construction-management course of study.

UTC says the software will allow students to create 3D construction project schedules using BIM (building information modeling). By learning firsthand how to leverage technology to schedule construction projects—from start dates and durations to the completion of concrete, roof, plumbing, and electrical—students can experience how important software solutions can be to today’s construction industry.

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