Collaboration has long been the name of the game in construction. However, finding a clear-cut definition for what collaboration means to construction can be tricky.

As of late we have seen everything from mobile apps for BIM (building information modeling) to technology to help with the closeout process fall under the all-encompassing term ‘collaboration.’ Such an open interpretation leaves many products to fall under the category, thus giving the construction industry a wealth of opportunities to collaborate on the job.

A company named cProject,, Houston, Texas, is looking to capture some of this attention. The company recently launched Web-based collaboration software for the construction industry. The company is a bit new to scene, founded in 2012, but comes with the intent to improve the flow of communication and information throughout all levels of the construction project.

General contractors and subcontractors look to be the target audience for the software, which aims to help improve the productivity, quality, and profitability for teams.
The cProject collaboration software includes contact management and subcontractor qualification, which is a good starting point to help general contractors ensure they are entering into a project with qualified and competent partners.

The can also invite subcontractors to participate in bids, share bid documents, and post bid addendums, and invited bidders can post RFIs (requests for information) and view RFI responses.

Quality control is emphasized through the software, allowing contractors to track project RFIs, submittals, change orders, invoices, daily logs, and punchlists.

As has become the fashion for many new technology applications, cProject features a social aspect for project teams. Each project tool has its own unique message board that helps keep relevant parties in the loop, while project documents can be sent to external users for reply.

In all, it could be another Web-based collaboration platform to watch in construction. There is little doubt, however, that the overall trend of collaboration is indeed one to watch with excitement throughout the coming year.