A number of factors have had a big impact on the construction industry throughout the past few years: economic conditions, the evolution of mobiles devices, and greater availability of hosted services, among others. The combination of all these factors has created an environment in which contractors are beginning to realize the ways in which technology can provide a competitive advantage in the office and at the jobsite.

In line with these trends, many construction businesses are making the transition from older technology platforms to more modern software systems. As such, the software community is responding with product development, partnerships, and even acquisitions to meet the ever-changing needs of the construction industry.

Take as an example last week’s news about Eque2 Ltd., www.eque2.co.uk, Manchester, England, partnering with Sage UK following the management buyout of the Sage Construction business.

Wes Simmons, general manager, Sage Construction and now CEO of Eque2 Ltd., says this management buyout represents an opportunity to offer more focus to the construction industry.

For the past five years in the United Kingdom, Sage Construction has operated as a business unit within Sage UK. As of last week, the management and investment in product development will continue through Eque2 Limited. Additionally, Eque2 will continue to provide construction-specific functionality and support to Sage Construction customers.

A representative from Sage UK indicates this announcement is completely separate from North American operations, meaning contractors in the United States won’t be affected by this partnership and management buyout.

Still, the overall trend toward delivering a more focused solution to the construction industry is becoming more apparent as of late—and can come in many different forms. Some technology providers are partnering with others to deliver a more cohesive solution, while others have gone the route of M&A (merger and acquisition), bringing tech in-house to deliver an integrated product portfolio.

These days, contractors that aren’t on the leading edge of technology are quickly finding their competition has an advantage. Now might be the right time to decide how advances in mobile technology, connected devices, and the cloud can be a game changer to your business operations.