Green homes and net-zero energy buildings are saving people money on their energy bills. As a result, owners are seeing the benefits of purchasing these ‘green’ structures. Not only does it save them money, but it can reduce their carbon footprint.

As one example, Cold Craft Inc.,, Campbell, Calif., delivers customers the knowledge and expertise in non-carbon, low-noise, and low-energy heating and cooling solutions.

What is geothermal technology exactly? Geothermal technology is one of the latest advancements used to promote energy efficiency in residential housing. What happens is the geothermal system harnesses the earth’s steady temperatures by using a water-sourced heat pump attached to underground geothermal loops.

While in heating mode, the geothermal system moves heat from the ground and the heat is then transferred via a ground-sourced heat pump and used to warm the home or building.

Vice versa, while in cooling mode, it takes the heat from the home or building and transfers it deep into the ground.

Most structures at any location can be a good candidate for geothermal heating and cooling. As one example, the owner of the net-zero home, located just outside of San Jose, Calif., had the geothermal unit installed to reduce the amount of energy wasted on heating and cooling the space.

Additionally, the homeowner is working toward the net-zero infrastructure by implementing solar-electric power and laying down reclaimed lumber flooring to improve the insulation.

According to Cold Craft, the company focuses on reducing customers’ energy costs, along with delivering property owners and managers of multiple unit dwellings with the tools and resources to accurately maintain the heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and replacement aspects of their system.

With geothermal heating and air conditioning systems, Cold Craft is attempting to help reduce the carbon footprint and the homeowners’ utility bills.

This heating system uses a free, renewable energy source, saving owners up to 70% on their heating, cooling, and hot water bills. As an additional bonus, users can receive a 30% federal tax credit on geothermal installations, says Cold Craft.

With all these benefits, future homebuyers and building owners will be seeking green homes and facilities like this one. Companies such as Cold Craft understand the need to make homes energy-efficient. How is your organization identifying ways to use technology to improve energy efficiency on your next construction project?

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