How can facility managers protect against aging infrastructure, while reducing operating and energy costs? Many are turning to M2M and IoT (Internet of Things) to implement systems that will drive energy efficiency and connectivity throughout a complex facility in a secure manner.

Looking specifically at critical facilities, such as healthcare, university, water treatment, military, etc., these buildings require a number of pieces of equipment to be connected. The challenge is, with a number of disparate vendors for all the different equipment, some of the older methods that rely on tradition building-automation protocols can have security vulnerabilities.

Enter Blue Pillar,, Indianapolis, Ind., a provider of power and energy-management solutions for critical and complex facilities. The company has recently launched Aurora and Avise Foresite, which will help to securely connect complex facilities.

The company says Aurora is a digital energy IoT (Internet of Things) platform that securely connects, controls, and collects data from facility equipment. Avise Foresite is a centralized facility-management software applications platform that allows multi-site facility operators to centrally manage energy efficiency, resiliency, capital, and local emergency events.

These two new platforms come in addition to Blue Pillar’s existing Avise Insite offering for realtime analytics, which gives local facility operators the ability to gain insight into energy, operations, and compliance capabilities within a single facility.

Tom Willie, CEO, Blue Pillar, says two of the factors that make its technology different from others on the market are its ability to add new equipment without custom software programming, as well as its approach to security.

Willie says it worked with a team of cybersecurity experts to ensure there are no security vulnerabilities within the system. As such, he says with roughly 160 facilities connected so far, there have been no security issues.

Keep an eye on this going forward—being able to bring secure IoT to complex facilities can help facility managers manage buildings more effectively and efficiently in the future.