Data flows from many sources in construction. But regardless of where it comes from, it should be able to populate any and all functional areas that need the information. This is where the aspect of integration comes into play. All too often, programs ‘talk’ to each other but they are not really integrated so data flows throughout.

HomeFront Software recognizes a builder’ needs software for estimating, sales, project management, and accounting; but the true benefit comes in the form of efficiency and information sharing, with systems easily talking to each other to feed relevant information.

The company suggests taking a holistic approach, and not to buy an estimating solution if it can’t communicate with future sales or purchasing solutions. Also, don’t buy a scheduling solution that can’t “talk” to budgeting.

With this in mind, builders can not only improve efficiency, but also automate workflow, information sharing, and reporting. It is this kind of focus on its customers’ needs that helps HomeFront Software stand out.