Putting data into the right hands can speed up construction processes and enable the project to stay on budget. Today, there is a plethora of information available; it is just a matter of harnessing it in the correct manner. With this in mind, construction software providers are beginning to offer more integration capabilities to share the data gathered from assets on a job with backend systems, moving that data further.

For example, a construction company that can collect information from a piece of equipment and have that sent automatically to the accounting system in the office enables the employees in the office to stay current.

Yesterday, Viewpoint Construction Software, www.viewpointcs.com, Portland, Ore., made a big announcement in this area, with the addition of Zonar, www.zonarsystems.com, Seattle, Wash., a provider of electronic vehicle inspection, GPS tracking, and remote diagnostics, to its Viewpoint Development Partner Program.

Together, the companies will allow contractors to gather equipment data from the job and share with Viewpoint’s software. This enables users to create maintenance work orders, calculate job costs, reduce rental dependencies, and provide better estimates for future projects.

In addition to automatically sharing data from equipment with the office, being able to take information created in the office and push it out to the field provides benefit to a job as well.

For example, Trimble, www.trimble.com, Sunnyvale, Calif., has been ramping ups its line of products to do just that. This week, the company announced integration of SketchUp with its Trimble Business Center office software, which connects with Trimble’s field solutions.

This will allow surveyors to calculate points in the field based on the actual 3D SketchUp Pro models created in the office. Additionally, the data from the field can be routed back into SketchUp, giving the office accurate land layouts as the design work begins.

This trend of sharing data from the jobsite with the office is in high demand and is a much talked about trend in construction. Although the adoption may remain slow, as challenges still exist. According to the recently released 2013 Constructech IT Playbook, when it comes to staying mobile, 58% of construction companies report issues when integrating mobile applications with enterprise applications. As this is addressed, the construction industry could see big value going forward.

The integration discussion in construction continues to evolve, particular as the concept of sharing asset data with the office becomes a bigger trend. This will continue to grow as more providers begin to offer additional ways to collect and disperse data more readily between the jobsite and the office.