Being able to share information between the office and the jobsite is essential to ensuring a job is done as efficiently as possible. More often, construction technology providers are coming to market with new apps to enable the industry to share data from anywhere.

At the end of last week, two software providers announced new apps for the construction industry. The first comes from ExakTime,, Los Angeles, Calif., which announced the latest iteration of its time-tracking app.

ExakTime Mobile 2.0 for iOS has new functionality such as easier management of remote workers with a GPS-enabled oversight option, which can confirm if the workers have clocked in at the correct jobsite. Additionally, with the Team View, supervisors can view a map showing clock-in coordinates of employees who have punched in. Additional features include FaceFront Biometrics, which snaps a photo of each employee at clock-in and clock-out to eliminate buddy punching, and Field Notes, which allows workers to send photos, texts, and voice updates from the jobsite.

This is one example of how apps are evolving for the construction industry. Today, companies can use GPS, biometrics, and other connected functionality on mobile devices to be able to collect data at the jobsite and share with project supervisors or workers in the office.

Another case, announced late last week, comes from Systemates,, Dallas, Texas. The company released Projectmates 12.5, which includes new capabilities for multi-browser support, improved upload and download features, photo album enhancements, and the new Projectmates mobile application.

With the mobile application, project teams will be able to manage documentation, punchlists, and field reports, as well as take advantage of other tools to keep construction progress on schedule. The company says the app is designed to be touch-friendly and is built with accessibility and universal access in mind.

For the construction industry, being able to send data to and from the jobsite is becoming a top priority when selecting new software. While these are just a few cases, many construction software provides are beginning to offer apps to share information between the jobsite and the office.