One of the big expenses for any construction company is paper documents. Today, many companies are looking to move all this online, and get rid of paper copies as much as possible. The challenge is many of these documents need to be generated on the job.

More often, technology providers are developing partnerships or products that allow the construction industry to move toward a paperless workflow. On the residential side of the business, last week Constellation HomeBuilder Systems,, Markham, Ont., announced integration with DocuSign,, San Francisco, Calif.

DocuSign enables homebuilders to electronically sign a document at a jobsite, eliminating the hassles of printing, faxing, scanning, and mailing documents for a signature. Items such as lien waivers, contracts, and others can be sent and signed via email or in-person at a construction jobsite using a mobile device. With the new partnerships, customers of Constellation HomeBuilder Systems will be able to integrate DocuSign’s solution with enterprise homebuilding software, allowing builders to reduce risk, while saving time and money.

Mobile devices have changed how the construction industry does business, allowing companies to capture data at a jobsite and send to the office. Many construction companies are beginning to consider how mobile solutions can change business processes.

As another example for the construction industry, Device Magic,, Dallas, Texas, provides a means to collect data from workers in the field using mobile forms on a smartphone or tablet. Designed for any type of construction business, users can build mobile forms for any industry or job function, publish the forms, and distribute to workers in the field.

From there, field workers can capture data using the mobile forms on an Android, BlackBerry, or Apple device. This data can then be distributed and forwarded to email or Google documents. Additionally, an XML post connector can help integrate the data from the forms with a Web-accessible, database-driven, backend system.

This type of mobile solution allows construction companies to reduce the risk of data loss and save time and money when it comes to collecting data at the jobsite.

The use of technology in the construction industry is changing, moving from traditional in-office systems to mobile applications. The question is: How will homebuilders respond to the changing technology market?