In today’s wide world of CAD (computer-aided design), BIM (building information modeling), and collaborative building processes, the detail is in the drawing. Construction technology is beefing up in terms of offering to help aid at the design and model phases of a job.

For the residential market CG Visions,, Lafayette, Ind., continues to make a strong statement with its BIM Pipeline product. This product is a Web-based materials management system that uses the BIM data in order to directly drive detailed takeoffs in a rules-driven manner. This helps bridge that all too familiar gap between design and estimating, and helps builders leverage BIM data in order to create master plan estimates with delta BOM (bill of material) options reports and lot-specific as-built reports to help cut purchase orders directly.

What if you could access plans and drawings from mobile devices using your project-management software? Procore Technologies,, Santa Barbara, Calif., announced the addition of its Drawing Management tool to the Procore suite of construction software. The company, which has a few custom homebuilders as clients, is mainly focused on companies doing commercial construction work.

The Drawing Management tool enables users to make an unlimited amount of changes and even check to see who has seen the latest versions. A log also allows companies to verify who has downloaded the most recent version of the plan.

What’s more, a visual comparison can be made between newer revisions and older ones to quickly identify what has changed in the drawing. Additionally, plans can be split automatically into individual sheets.

Here is another key capability: Users can access current sets of drawings from the office or from mobile devices using Procore mobile apps for the iPad and the iPhone.

The big benefit here is the new Drawing Management tool enables contractors to easy access drawings when sending out bid packages or writing RFIs (requests for information), which is much faster than having to go to a separate site or file structure to find the drawing. This is the case with a number of contractors already using the product including Skanska Modular,, Stockholm, Sweden.

Sometimes cutting out extra steps can save construction companies a significant amount of time, and therefore money. This is something Procore has set out to do with this feature—provide its customers with technology solutions that help improve their businesses.