Profitability in the construction industry relies on accurate bidding and estimating; and this often requires the right technology solution. As more software solutions for construction populate the marketplace, those that continue to evolve and expand functionality across the construction job cycle provide more value to contractors.

PlanSwift, a takeoff and estimating solution by Tech Unlimited Inc.,, Bountiful, Utah, is partnering with C-BID Services,, Clearwater, Fla., a provider of online plan-room services. C-BID’s online platform, The Plan-Room, provides a bid-document library where critical bid information can be stored. This includes project documentation, up-to-date bid information, drawings, specifications, and addenda.

The digital filing tool allows bid participants to invite, bid, and respond in a central location, so the information is accessible, streamlined, and safe. C-BID says The Plan-Room is easy to assimilate into workflow because it uses a familiar approach to folder structure and document organization.

By bringing The Plan-Room digital file tool to PlanSwift takeoff and estimating software, C-Bid and Tech Unlimited hope to better position themselves in the market for construction software tools. For general contractors looking to eliminate manual takeoffs and reduce the margin for error by storing bid documents in the cloud, the partnership creates an attractive option.

Recently, new technology integrations have advanced bidding and estimating for both general contractors and subcontractors. JB Knowledge Technologies’ SmartBidNet,, College Station, Texas, and,, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., will connect general contractors using SmartBidNet with subcontractors on

In addition, SmartBidNet and Cloud Takeoff from To Scale Software,, Cincinnati, Ohio, developed a new partnership to improve the way GCs and subcontractors share data and collaborate during the bidding and takeoff process.

These partnerships are paving the way for a new method to bid projects in today’s technology-advanced construction marketplace. It will be interesting to watch as these partnerships take shape and impact the way the industry bids on projects.