Natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, or fires are a major concern for any IT department. Any outages caused by such occurrences could cause a contractor’s servers to be down for days depending on the severity of the disaster, leading to a mild to severe loss of business.

Viewpoint Construction Software,, Portland, Ore., believes every business needs a strong disaster recovery plan. Like any difficult topic, disaster recovery is something that nobody wants to think about, but everyone should have a plan in place. Viewpoint Construction Software has partnered with EVault,, San Francisco, Calif., a proven leader in full-service backup and recovery solutions, to provide its on-premises customers Viewpoint for Disaster Recovery Powered by EVault.

Viewpoint for Disaster Recovery Powered by EVault is a managed desktop and application platform providing users peace-of-mind knowing that their Viewpoint databases are continuously replicated, in realtime, to cloud-based servers that are accessible in a matter of hours if their onsite server goes down, ensuring data access disruption is minimized and users can quickly resume mission-critical functions and continue with normal business operations.

If disaster ever does strike, a customer’s systems are reconstructed using the data that has been replicating continuously to the cloud. Once all data and applications have been recovered, EVault provides remote SSL VPN access, so as long as a customer has access to the Internet they are able to securely recover data and applications from wherever they happen to be, and can maintain this access to their critical systems and data until their physical site is operational again. EVault has a leading team of disaster recovery specialists to plan, test, and execute the disaster recovery process, alleviating risk and worry for the customer.

Viewpoint for Disaster Recovery Powered by EVault hosts and protects a customer’s critical data in a network of top-tier rated data centers, which are SSAE-26 compliant or ISOcertified. These facilities feature a virtualization platform for best-in-class redundancy and performance, high-availability, and superior storage efficiency.

Viewpoint for Disaster Recovery Powered by EVault also removes the strain of business continuity for Viewpoint data from a customer’s IT department responsibilities, freeing valuable resources for other strategic activities. Having a disaster recovery plan in place takes a little time and effort, but the peace-of-mind it brings, along with the ability to continue work after the unthinkable are worth it.

Viewpoint Construction Software is committed to delivering new capabilities and value that help both customers and the construction industry at large realize greater success. Viewpoint Construction Software has a long-standing focus on meeting the data needs of construction companies, achieving a leadership position in offering construction-specific enterprise resource planning, as well as point solutions including project and BIM (building information modeling) collaboration, mobile field-to-office, and enterprise content management. Available as cloud, SaaS (software-as-aservice), and on-premise solutions, our configurable and scalable products address the unique needs of leading firms throughout the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Europe, and Australia.

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