This month is Distracted Driving Awareness Month and while a lot of advocates are targeting consumers and youth in campaigns, the construction industry is one that can certainly stand to benefit from safe-driving standards and technology for employees.

Consider Louisville Paving Co.,, Louisville, Ky. Started in 1949 as a full-service contractor involved in highway and heavy construction projects, this family-owned company sees the value in using technology to help keep drivers safe behind the wheel.

Joe Dougherty, president, Louisville Paving Co., says his drivers need to be aware of their surrounding and must be able to concentrate on noisy construction sites. As such, he has given his workers vehicles that are equipped with technology to improve driver behavior.

With the MyKey technology standard on many of Ford Motor Co.,, Dearborn, Mich., vehicles, drivers can use the system to enhance the driving experience.

With the technology, owners program a key that can limit a vehicle’s top speed and audio volume, while also encouraging safety belt use. The system also routes incoming calls directly to voicemail on paired phones.

That last component is key for many construction companies. Distracted driving has become a chief concern and the construction companies can become liable if workers are texting while behind the wheel. Technology can help reduce distracted driving by providing hands-free options for safe driving.

With this month being Distracted Driving Awareness Month, many organization are coming out with suggestions and tips for safe driving. Constructech’s sister publication Connected World made recommendations for actions that should be considered to address driver distraction. Such recommendations include increased education and understanding of driver distraction, use of technology tools to educate, and hands-free usage should be demonstrable during licensure testing, among many others.

For the construction industry, safe driving is an essential. Companies such as Louisville Paving are looking for technology solutions to help improve driver behavior. How is your construction company responding to distracted driving this month?