Research shows using dual-screen monitors can help contractors do more tasks in an efficient manner. While this is still a good option for some, there is another solution to consider.

A new hardware solution will allow contractors, owners, subcontractors, facility managers, engineers, and architects to view, collaborate, store, and retrieve oversized documents on a single screen. In particular, this will allow users to view plans, models, photos, renderings, videos, specifications, spreadsheets, and schedules—without the use of multiple screens.

The new solution comes from iPlanTables,, Houston, Texas. The company provides iPlanTables Project Workstation, which is compatible with all software and can be configured for use with laptop and phone docking stations.

According to the company, the large screens can help save multiple hours each day per employee.

iPlanTables also include a Viewing WorkStation for file management and information retention. This feature allows project information to be stored and retrieved from any location. The product also includes a Collaboration Station—eliminating the need for multiple professionals to huddle around one screen—allowing for online conferencing and software training.

According to the company, in addition to construction companies, the iPlanTables can be used by city, state, and federal entities to improve communication and planning.

While iPlanTables are a new solution to consider for oversized documents, dual displays are still a good option for many contractors and owners across the country to work more efficiently.

For example, one city department uses dual-screen computers—one for reading emails and the other for plan sheets. This setup allows users to markup plans on one screen and reply to correspondence on the other.

Many construction organizations are now focusing on what types of devices should be used in the field, but maybe companies should also reevaluate the hardware setup in the office. There are quite a few options that can help make your backoffice more efficient.