Who says homebuilders aren’t tech savvy? In fact, residential contractors across the country are showing off their technology muscles through the use of innovative technologies.

Annually, the Constructech Vision Awards honor such achievements and this year more than 30 innovative builders and contractors will be in the spotlight on October 4 in Santa Clara, Calif. For those who have never experienced the exciting stories that come out of the Vision Awards, here are two of finalists slated to be in line for an award this year and the stories that have them in the running for an award in 2013.

New Line Structures, www.newlinestructures.com, New York, N.Y., set out to develop company protocols and a single program enabling all team members to follow the same structure for managing a project. Forming what it calls a “Protocol Police” to partner with the programmers at their technology provider, the builder outlined each segment that needed development and detailed the goals of each module.

The result is Internet-based and easily accessible in the main office and from all jobsites. As each component is completed, it becomes “live” and is used on all projects by all members of the staff. A single, streamlined process is now used to control submittals and RFIs, the sending of automatic follow-up notifications, and status logs.

Many of the cost control methods are still in development, but the company knows this will provide a simple method to connect all stages of cost control—from budget to cash flow, and from requisitions to pending items and change orders, providing the owner with an easy-to-decipher snapshot of cash flows and anticipated costs.

Another company to be on the lookout for is Verity Homes, which is a Red Door Homes licensee, www.reddoorhomesnd.com, Mandan, N.D. This builder is in the fortunate position of posting 21% increase in home starts between 2011 and 2012.

In effort to maintain its profitable pace, the builder emphasizes the need for obtaining realtime pricing, calculated as the home is optioned out. This allows it to lock in vendor pricing and link it to purchasing and estimating systems. In order to stay on budget with any variances, the builder decided to integrate workflow and sales systems into its CAD (computer-aided design) system.

With CAD and BIM linked to its options selection system and accounting and workflow systems, the builder allows buyers to option out a home. At the same time, Verity Homes obtains costs for the home, along with the retail price to charge the customer.

Looking at New Line Structures and Verity Homes shows just how innovative residential contractors are becoming with their technology. Looking to provide powerful ROI (return on investment) both of these builders will be front and center at this year’s Constructech Vision Awards to be held October 4 in Santa Clara, Calif. Don’t miss the exciting conclusions to both of these stories and many more from all walks of the construction industry.