The push to mobilize construction continues. These days, every process from document management to labor tracking is finding its way into the field, and technology providers are announcing new mobile versions of their applications at a rapid pace.

For example, this week MySmartPlans,, Kansas City, Mo., announced a new interface that allows users to automatically synchronize construction documents to iPads and iPhones. Project documents are accessed via a third-party application called GoodReader. This app has become a popular way for handling large PDF and TXT files, among other files.

GoodReader provides the ability to mark-up PDFs using typewriter text boxes, sticky notes, lines, arrows, and freehand drawings on a PDF file. It allows users to sync files with remote servers and manage files more efficiently.

MySmartPlans has become a widely used product in construction that provides users with full transparency to a project. The technology allows for the efficient sharing of key project information and helps to keep all participants on a project aligned in order to facilitate better collaboration.

The technology has become a replacement for online planrooms, helping streamline document management. This intuitive tool pushes out information to all parties via a dashboard as new information is added or updated, in the truest sense of collaboration.

By extending these capabilities out to mobile devices, MySmartPlans is offering its clients new project management capabilities out in the field, or wherever users are working.

Also on the mobile front, Computer Guidance Corp.,, Scottsdale, Ariz., announced its Mobile eCMS application suite has been made available for iPad devices. The mobile version of the eCMS product gives construction enterprise resource planning functions to on-the-go users.

The product helps to facilitate the collection of data for field entry of labor, equipment units, and production quantities through Remote Payroll, Field Reporting, and Time & Attendance mobile applications.

It is just the latest example of construction technology applications coming to a mobile environment, helping to push mission-critical functions out to the field in a more streamlined manner.