For the construction industry, having access to documents on mobile devices is key to project success. As such, technology companies continue to partner to make this a little bit easier for the industry.

For example, eQuorum,, Atlanta, Ga. has partnered with Sonim Technologies,, San Manteo, Calif., a developer of rugged smartphones, to provide an integrated solution that allows construction site personnel to access important files at the point of interest while maintaining full communications.

As a provider of ECM (enterprise-content management), eQuorum offers ImageSite, PlotStation, PlotManager, and ImageCenter.

eQuorum solutions provide full access to critical drawings and documents while at detrimental sites like the production floor or construction sites. Using the latest HTML5 technology, ImageSite provides the security needed in today’s user enabled world while allowing for mobile access.

Using any platform, and without the need to download and maintain an application, users have easy view/print/markup of needed documents and drawings with complete distribution and collaboration. ImageSite is available as an on-premise solution, in the cloud, or as a hybrid system.

Using Sonim Technologies ultra-rugged XP7 smartphone, users can view and markup drawings and documents with a push-to-talk smartphone specially designed to withstand harsh conditions that feature extra–long battery life and a glove-touch display.

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