Construction professionals continually seek the ability to make more informed decisions. To that end, Multivista,, Phoenix, Ariz., a provider of photo, video, and Webcam documentation services for the construction industry, has launched a new program to integrate with modeling software.

The Multivista BIM Integration Program unifies all visual construction documentation allowing for immediate comparison of modeled versus actual conditions. The integration will streamline construction team collaboration.

The integration links the Multivista Documentation Software directly with BIM models in Autodesk,, Revit, Navisworks, and BIM 360Glue/Field software. It gives design, construction, and facilities management teams seamless access to their Multivista photographic records directly from their models.

According to the company, the program was developed collaboratively with a number of its clients that are invest in BIM workflows and can access and view Multivista photographic documentation from the model. This gives users the ability to validate what’s actually there versus what was modeled, says Graham Twigg, cofounder and CTO, Multivista.

Several clients took part in an extensive beta program and have already seen the benefits of the integration. Based on the client response, the company expects the program to be adopted quickly, given the fact that so much construction activity is already coordinated using BIM.

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