Today’s photo documentation field capture is a whole new generation of speed and synchronicity.

As an example, FotoIN (FotoIN Mobile Corp.,), Atlanta, Ga., has introduced a new product upgrade that improves the field capture experience by increasing speed (up to 10x) of direct sync connectors and enabling more filing flow flexibility with added configuration and tagging capabilities.

As a significant turning point in terms of product development, FotoIN has further developed a number of product features to improve performance and optimize the user experience across all vertical markets including real estate, construction, property management, pest control, merchandising and insurance. The new features provides users photo and report filing that can be configured to the users’ needs using custom logic and filing rules; flexible photos and reports tagging that can be used to optimize filing; expanded tagging capability allowing users to apply multiple tag values within the same category; improved workflow automation stemming from rules based filing and in combination with automated notifications by cloud storage services Citrix ShareFile, Egnyte and Box; and flexible and configurable photo and report naming convention to meet specific business requirements.

It’s a whole new world for FotoIN customers, who continue to ask for more speed and automation while maintaining simplicity and flexibility. The new offerings go a long way to making photo documentation efficient and more effective. And users can capture as much relevant information with their photos as needed, in the simplest way, the reporting and filing process becomes much more streamlined, saving time and money for our customers.

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