Nothing says going green quite like reducing paper. Today’s construction-technology applications are all designed around this very objective. And perhaps no process accumulates as much paper as the prequalification process. So, designing a solution that can streamline this process while reducing paper might be as green as it gets.

This past week, iSqFt,, Cincinnati, Ohio, announced a solution designed to create efficiency in the prequalification process for contractors and subcontractors looking for new work, as well as managing information of prequalified companies. This effort is in conjunction with ConsensusDocs,, and offers online access to industry-standard documents that represent best practices for prequalifying contractors and subcontractors through use of the ConsensusDocs 721 Subcontractor Prequalification Statement.

Through the process of providing access to the prequalification form through this application iSqFt is looking to transform the user’s experience by centralizing the information. This, in essence, should create a more dynamic process.

Looking specifically at subcontractor, rather than repetitively filling out a form from scratch for each project, they can instead simply fill out the ConsensusDocs 721 once and share the information with multiple general contractors that have granted access, all in a safe and secure manner.

For contractors and owners, this information is then used in order to more efficiently integrate the information with the bid or negotiation process. For a company like iSqFt, which already has thousands of subcontractor subscribers that have provided prequalification information, it could help the industry by offering a technology tool that is both a cost saver and a green alternative to paper.

Dave Conway, president and CEO, iSqFt, points to the fact that despite having a range of technological improvements at their disposal, many general contractors still remain embedded in a paper-based environment, creating prequalification forms from scratch. Perhaps instead it is time to go green with an automated prequalification too.