With the influx of devices and apps for the construction jobsite, contractors have more options than ever before for gathering data in the field. However, a key component of accessing information at the jobsite is being able to easily share that data with the backoffice.

In order to provide greater transparency and project visibility for project executives NoteVault, www.notevault.com, San Diego, Calif., and CMiC, www.cmic.ca, Toronto, Ont., recently developed a new partnership.

Companies using the mobile-reporting solution from NoteVault and the ERP (enterprise-resource planning) software from CMiC will be able to save a significant amount of administrative time by using one source of data as well as provide greater insights for executives.

Looking at the former, the integration means report information from NoteVault is synced with CMiC, which gives project managers, superintendents, and executives access to data immediately, without needing to port the information manually from one application to the next. What’s more, executives won’t need to jump between different systems to access business information. With this type of integration, decisions can easily be made from inside one system.

Construction companies such as Webcor Builders, www.webcor.com, San Mateo, Calif., use both pieces of technology. Matt Lamb, IT project manager, Webcor Builders, says the integration minimizes the need for duplicate data entry, resulting in fewer errors and helping to get everyone on the project involved in the daily reports.

While this is one recent example of how mobile reporting can be integrated with software in the office, there are a number of integrations to enable construction companies to easily sync data between the jobsite and the office. NoteVault, for example, also announced in May an industry partnership with Box, www.box.com, Los Altos, Calif., to improve report-filing tasks and to make file management easier.

When selecting mobile applications, this type of integration can be essential to saving time and improving efficiencies on a job.