Will the construction industry embrace drones and robotic devices at the jobsite? There are a number of new systems coming to market to consider. One example comes from Drones Robotics, www.3drobotics.com, San Diego, Calif., which will perform various chores, mainly those that are difficult for humans due to physical restrictions.

The task of this new robot? It will do much of the “heavy lifting” that is required in many different industries, including difficult manual labor that would be either difficult or impossible for a person to do it. This new technology will help to increase productivity and reduce workplace injuries, according to the company.

Soon enough, Alpha will even be able to do chores on the construction site, by integrating with inventory and other various platforms, according to a Drones Robotics representative.

Drones Robotics plans to make this type of robot available at construction sites and even department stores. To function at these sites, the Alpha robot will require much more sophisticated software, which is why Drones Robotics is currently launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The funding from this campaign will be primarily used for engineering, creating and improving software and manufacturing the finished product. And contributors to the project? They will be rewarded with certain perks that are listed on the campaign page.

A spokesperson from Drones Robotics mentioned challenges such as integrating the artificial intelligent component with the hardware that will be future proof and upgradeable. While this will take time, extra funding can eliminate this dilemma all together.

If all goes as planned for Alpha and Drones Robotics, the company plans on starting production of these robots early in 2015 and could begin shipping them out to customers as early as October of that same year.