You have likely heard of drones, but have you heard of the impact drones will have on the construction industry? These self-flying, data-capturing robots are poised to make a big splash on the construction industry in the next year—and you might want to consider how it can help your business.

Drones can do a number of different chores for construction companies—from taking photos of the jobsite, to collecting data, to doing manual labor.

A few years back a number of robotics enthusiasts in the construction industry begin experimenting with how these devices could take pictures and collect data. Now, a number of companies are coming to market with advanced solutions that are specifically targeted at the construction industry.

Consider the new Alpha Robot, which is a project currently being run by Drone Robotics, Beverly Hills, Calif. The goal is to create a robot to do various chores, mainly those that are difficult for humans to do. This could potentially minimize the manual labor, increasing productivity and reducing workplace injuries.

The company plans to make this type of robot for various industries including hospitals, warehouses, airports, construction sites, and department stores.

While this is just one example, drones can also collect data. Skycatch,, San Francisco, Calif., for instance, has created an autonomous data-capture solution that can collect information related to maps, measurements, thermal imaging, and more. These devices can also have a big impact on a construction jobsite, improving efficiency for business.

The market for drones is already ripe for innovation—and acquisition. Late last month, 3D Robotics,, Berkeley, Calif., announced the acquisition of Sifteo, a consumer electronics company that has developed technologies for high-performance embedded computation, low-latency wireless communication, virtualization techniques, and sensor fusion.

With the acquisition, 3D Robotics will be able to expand its business from the hobby drone sector, to out-of-the-box products. The technology can be used in multiple industries including agriculture, construction, and more.

With all the new products and activity surrounding drones, opportunities for construction companies in the future are vast.

Want to learn more about how drones work and the value they provide on a construction projects? At Constructech Technology Day, which is being held on Friday, Oct. 3 at the Sofitel San Francisco Bay, one company will discuss how a fleet of self-flying, data-capturing robots will give construction professionals a whole new perspective on business operations.