One important component at the construction jobsite is productivity. When operations are running efficient, time and costs are saved. E.E. Cruz,, New York, N.Y., a heavy-highway contractor, is taking advantage of construction software to improve daily operations.

Computer Guidance Corp.,, Scottsdale, Ariz., a developer of ERP (enterprise-resource planning) software solutions for construction, says E.E. Cruz is leveraging Computer Guidance’s eCMS v.4.0 Construction ERP platform. Along with that, E.E. Cruz is using ECM (enterprise-content management) applications to help carry out its daily business operations.

eCMS v.4.0 is an enterprise-class construction management solution that provides data on demand for better analysis, decision making, and forecasting for the construction industry. Since the release of eCMS v.4.0 ERP, E.E. Cruz has placed significant value on improving its daily operations with standardized and automated business processes. Computer Guidance’s Enterprise Content Management application suite helps E.E. Cruz gain efficiencies in enterprise-wide communication and daily transaction processing with its data collection, document imaging, and workflow.

“eCMS and its integrated Enterprise Content Management applications allow us to collaborate in realtime between our office and jobsite locations by sharing documents electronically and executing standardized workflows,” says Lisa August, accounts payable manager, E.E. Cruz.

According to August, the company has significantly reduced the amount of lost information, delays in processing and invoice payments, and manual data entry with eCMS v.4.0 ERP.

eCMS imaging and workflow applications streamline the company’s accounts payable processing. In addition, it provides integrated imaging and workflow capability for the company’s payroll, human resources, equipment, subcontract, billing, purchasing, and account reconciliation information management needs.

Technology is becoming crucial in the construction industry. Companies that don’t use available applications could lose some productivity in the long run. E.E. Cruz is making sure to use construction software, specifically eCMS v.4.0, and is seeing results in enhanced workflow.

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