Adopting one technology solution can be daunting enough; trying to utilize multiple solutions, platforms, or databases can be even more difficult. Integration is key when looking to maximize the benefits of technology use in the construction industry. Without it, a company most likely will not experience its highest level of potential ROI (return on investment).

ProEst Construction Estimating Software,, San Diego, Calif., recently announced it will work to extend the usability of its ProEst solution by integrating it with WebLEM—a Web-based labor-estimating database from the MCAA (Mechanical Contractors Assn. of America),, Rockville, Md.

The goal of the partnership is to ultimately improve efficiency and accuracy for mechanical contractors, specifically by streamlining processes such as estimating and digital takeoffs. ProEst can help mechanical contractors create and manage project bids, while WebLEM is considered a highly reliable source for labor units. Together, the companies will deliver one-click integration between the two solutions, providing ProEst users with easy access to WebLEM’s comprehensive materials database, which can support accuracy in estimates.

According to Jeffrey Gerardi, president, ProEst, mechanical contractors with a WebLEM subscription will be able to automatically retrieve labor unit pricing with just a click of a button in ProEst. Web connectivity ensures the process is instant and seamless. To take advantage of the integration, mechanical contractors must subscribe to both products.

As technology becomes less of a rarity and more of a reality in the construction industry, issues such as seamless integration will become a calling card for industry-approved solutions. Because processes such as estimating are crucial to the success of a company’s bottomline, software solutions that not only help automate, but provide access to the data needed to provide an accurate estimate, can be invaluable.