Industry observers note that it’s a mystery how some enterprise companies still haven’t come around to the idea of tapping into ERP (enterprise-resource planning) solutions. ERP software is helping companies interpret data and improve business management.

Computer Guidance Corp.,, Scottsdale, Ariz., a developer of ERP software solutions for the construction industry, says ABCO Peerless Sprinkler Corp.,, Hicksville, N.Y., a company specializing in the design and implementation of fire-protection projects, has gone live with Computer Guidance’s flagship ERP software solution; eCMS v.4.0. eCMS v4.0 provides standardized business processes and realtime information sharing.

With the implementation of this eCMS ERP solution, ABCO Peerless Sprinkler Corp. rolled out a number of applications including core accounting, job costing, payroll, business intelligence, and enterprise content management in an effort to support customers in the New York Metropolitan area.

“With eCMS v.4.0, we are effectively and efficiently establishing enterprisewide, standardized business processes supported by a unified solution platform with integrated workflows and centralized data reporting,” says Joanne Saunders, controller, ABCO Peerless Sprinkler Corp.

Numerous companies are benefitting from ERP solutions to enhance business operations and receive critical data. In this example, ABCO Peerless Sprinkler Corp., is the beneficiary of integrating standardized business processes and collecting necessary data via Computer Guidance’s ERP solution.

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