The importance of field-to-office collaboration and project management cannot be overemphasized—especially in today’s market, which requires construction projects to be delivered on time and on budget. Mobile project-management software for infrastructure construction projects can help facilitate wise business practices such as communication.

The NYDOT’s (New York Dept. of Transportation),, New York, N.Y., Gowanus Expressway Viaduct Rehabilitation Project is testament to this fact, using technology in both the design and construction phases to produce an award-winning end result.

The Gowanus Expressway is a vital regional link that provides a bypass around New York City and carries a high volume of daily traffic. The $152-million Viaduct Rehabilitation Project focused on emergency repairs, including a 4.4-mile section that received 500,000 sq.ft. of new concrete decking, and took place throughout four years while remaining open to its full traffic load.

To complete the project on time and on budget, NYDOT turned to technology. To enable realtime information among all project personnel, the department adopted FACS (Field Automated Communication Systems),, San Francisco, Calif., Project Controller. The SaaS (software-as-a-service) project-management software improves project delivery by facilitating communication between the field and the office electronically.

The Gowanus Expressway Viaduct Rehabilitation Project also employed FACS Anywhere wireless tablets. Together, the hardware and software solutions helped reduce cost overruns and project delays. It also lessened the project’s carbon footprint by reducing the need for paper.

Recently, NYDOT’s project received the 2010 ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) Metropolitan Section Construction Achievement award and 2011 ASHE (American Society of Highway Engineers) Project of the Year. Innovative methodologies, including the use of technology solutions, helped the project earn these honors.

Awards may not be given each time a construction job is well executed, but consistent work is key to building a strong reputation as the industry begins to recover. Technology solutions can lend a helping hand to contractors and public owners looking to ease the communication and project-management process.