LAFAYETTE, Ind.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CG Visions, BuilderMT, and Sales Simplicity – widely-acknowledged market share leaders in their respective sectors – today announced the availability of CG Vision’s eHome™, a module of their award-winning BIM Pipeline software. The Companies also announced the integration of eHome to BuilderMT and Sales Simplicity.

“With eHome, we allow builders to do both, while enabling them to offer customer service and customizability that is second to none.”

eHome allows home builders to offer a remarkable capability to their new-home-buyer customers. Customers can use eHome’s CAD or BIM-based visual options selection tool to select options for their homes, based on rules and guidance pre-set by the home builder. Customers can use what-if scenarios and a powerful visual tool kit to manipulate a flex floor plan configurator. As the options are picked, eHome is communicating in real-time with product and structural object pricing within BIM Pipeline that is linked to Sales Simplicity and BuilderMT to determine the price of the “custom” home. At the same time, the option-selection record configured in eHome is maintained in Sales Simplicity, which also auto-generates the purchase contract in a paperless process. A solid price for the customized home can be quickly and confidently generated, because it’s based on the material prices the builder has locked in with their suppliers.

The eHome option-selection process appears to the consumer as a visual floor plan and elevation rendering of their yet-to-be-built home, but in the background the consumer is actually changing the CAD and BIM images that the builder will use for construction. Since the CAD and BIM images are linked to option and object pricing in BuilderMT and Sales Simplicity – which manage the sales and construction workflow – all parties know the guaranteed hard costs, margins, and the retail price of the home before the purchase contract is signed.

This price confidence is a remarkable achievement to offer home builders, who have historically struggled to offer customization, while trying to determine the true cost of homes they may be building for the first time. Now, that price can be arrived at confidently as the home is optioned out in real-time.

“Predicting costs and protecting margins are what make a home builder profitable,” said CG Visions Dave Bozell. “With eHome, we allow builders to do both, while enabling them to offer customer service and customizability that is second to none.”

About CG Visions

CG Visions is the leading provider of “Building Information Modeling” (BIM) solutions implementation and consulting. With a high focus on systems integration, CG Visions has continued to leverage the “I”nformation from BIM to the benefits of their customers. This has been achieved by identifying and systematically eliminating the repetition of work across multiple disciplines involved in a homebuilders’ operations. CG Visions offers not only the expertise in planning, but also the “heavy lifting” capacity through a professional services division to actually help builders reach these goals. Pipeline is CG Visions’ award-winning estimation and organizational platform, built purely for the residential construction market. The comprehensive CG Visions strategy allows a builder to evolve their operations at a pace and scale of the builders’ choosing, even if we start with 2d lines on paper. CG Visions’ customers have relied on them to assist in the selection of the right BIM software, integrating back-office software, estimation services, home plan input, training, option management, digital marketing services, Quickstart Kits, Revit add-ins and a flex floor planconfigurator, eHome. Learn more: or by calling 888-988-4BIM

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For the home building industry at large, BuilderMT provides highly-customizable workflow and building-process-management software that works in tandem with leading accounting systems and other wireless and jobsite productivity tools, such as CRM and warranty management. For 15 years, BuilderMT systems have been purchased by more than 900 home builders and cumulatively used as a desktop workflow tool by upwards of ten thousand home building professionals. BuilderMT is widely recognized as a leader in process-driven, best-building-practices for home builders, as well as customer service, warranty applications, online training and innovative wireless applications. To learn more, visit, or call (888) 757-1991 ext. 271.

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Sales Simplicity Software, Inc., based in Chandler, Arizona, is the creator and marketer of leading Sales Automation, Content Management, Lead Management, eMarketing and Reporting Management tools for new single-family, semi-custom and custom homes; condo, multi-family, realtor and senior living providers. For more information about Sales Simplicity, call (480) 892-2500 or visit or