It is increasingly important to capture and manage business-related emails and attachments. With email as 90% of correspondence in today’s construction environment, users need an easy method to identify and organize critical email content. Email, attachments, and the entire message thread should be tracked automatically without constant intervention from the end user. Construction Imaging by Viewpoint Construction Software,, is a full Enterprise Content Management suite that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook for correspondence management.

Designed for construction, property management, and engineering firms both large and small, Construction Imaging by Viewpoint Construction Software is a scalable solution that provides process automation and document archiving, which is ideal for minimizing the challenges associated with paper and other electronic content. With support for Microsoft Office, SharePoint 2010, Windows File Share, and many industry-specific applications, Construction Imaging provides the ability for users to remain within the business applications with which they are most familiar. With electronic filing and workflow for files, invoices, human resources, and other departmental repositories, organizations can capture email correspondence relevant to any area of business.

The Outlook integration acts as an extension of the Construction Imaging platform, while using Outlook as the user interface. The end user is able to tag and index emails, attachments, and the entire thread from within the Outlook interface without ever launching another application. Emails will be automatically archived into the correct backend repository based on these index fields and tags. Additional system information, such as date, time, to, from, subject, cc, and username information is also collected from the message when it is uploaded into the backend repository.

Construction Imaging’s Outlook Integration tracks the entire thread so that tagging an email, attachment, or thread only requires one step. Once a user has tagged an email message with such identifiers as job number, employee number, document type, or other applicable fields, the entire thread will now be tracked. Other employees receiving the message within your organization will receive the email with the tags already applied. When someone outside the company replies to an email, which has already been tagged, the inbound message will retain the previous indexing from the thread. Any thread following the original message sent and received will maintain the tags without further interaction.

Administration and deployment of the integration is set up with “click once” technology. IT and system administrators can easily set up options for users according to the available content repositories and classification schemes already established within the Construction Imaging system. The integration is then deployed out to end users through a central administration console, making it easy to manage and install.

By having an easy way for users to capture, tag, and archive email correspondence, emails can now become a part of the overall content-management system. Advanced search and retrieval options such as full text OCR (optical character recognition) search, index search, and sorting and filtering make it easy for users to locate and retrieve emails and attachments, alongside other content such as a copy of a change order with corresponding email communication. Organizations can extend their content-management strategy further with the ability to manage email correspondence.

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