Saving time and money are two main concerns for most construction companies. Much of the construction software on the market is designed with these goals in mind, and recently one provider announced enhancements to a product to increase efficiency even more.

Textura Corp.,, Deerfield, Ill., provides the LASTISTA Technologies solution for construction field management. The company says it is now introducing LATISTA BI (Business Intelligence) to its reporting and analytics solution. LATISTA BI will use metrics to identify and resolve issues before they can impact a project.

The solution is available via the cloud and accessible on mobile devices. Overall, Textura says the goals of the solution are increased transparency and visibility for projects. Subcontractors can access timely information that will allow them to resolve issues faster. The LATISTA dashboard features BI metrics so various project stakeholders are able to collaborate and view the data.

A variety of standard reports are also available through the solution. Textura says more advanced users can access advanced data analysis tools to create custom reports that track specific issue, inspection, and commissioning metrics. The LATISTA dashboard includes standard reports such as areas with the most open issues, completed trend by inspection type, and issue distribution by responsible party.

This is not the only update Textura has recently made to LATISTA. In December, the company announced LATISTA with BIM would be available for the iPad. Textura has a stated goal of bringing more mobile functionality to its customers. The LATISTA with BIM solution allows users to publish Autodesk BIM models to the LATISTA Cloud, and these models can then be synchronized with iPads.

Textura is working to bring more convenience to workers in the field, providing ways for them to collaborate and view information remotely. The new LATISTA BI solution should provide them with even more data while on the go, or in the office.