Want to be able to manage your equipment effectively? Well you can. Now even the construction industry has the tools to make sure equipment is working at optimal levels.

Hawthorne Cat, www.hawthornecat.com, San Diego, Calif., introduces EMSolutions (equipment-management solutions). EMSolutions gives customers with remote equipment monitoring, performance reporting, maintenance, scheduling, and proactive fleet-management capabilities. EMSolutions is designed to help customers reduce risk, control costs, and enhance operations.

EMSolutions leverages equipment specific run time, fuel burn, idle time, and logistics data to achieve maximal performance and optimal machine health. EMSolutions provides five levels of technology-enabled product support solutions tailored to meet specific customer requirements.

“EMSolutions leverages advanced data reporting software, VisionLink, to retrieve crucial equipment data including machine health, location, and operator performance,” says Troy Lowe, technology solutions manager, Hawthorne Cat. “VisionLink can also be used to identify potential problems with equipment. Our experienced service team can help you maximize the uptime of your equipment with routine preventative maintenance scheduling.”

EMSolutions is available at any of the Hawthorne Cat locations, which also includes Hawaii and Guam. With EMSolutions, users can potentially avoid possible problems with their equipment.

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