Energy is expensive but can be considered a necessity in today’s society. That’s why communities and organizations like the Pico Union Project,, Los Angeles, Calif., are receiving some extra support.

Deco Lighting,, Commerce, Calif., a leading manufacturer of innovative energy-saving lighting solutions, is helping the nonprofit organization Pico Union Project receive a proper energy update. Deco Lighting is an advocate for community activation and upon knowing the project’s location, a historic, Jewish synagogue building, the company was ready to take action.

The synagogue serves as a multipurpose space and interfaith community, and many local citizens are involved with its services. Pico Union Project’s enriched culture gave Deco Lighting reason to donate better lighting for the old synagogue. Both organizations strive to foster urban revitalization and together the two promote growth with the building’s update.

Deco Lighting replaced all four existing 470-watt metal halide fixtures with four 120-watt D816-LED (light-emitting diode) commercial area lights. The new features costs 13.5 cents per kilowatt-hour and saves Pico Union Project over $500 in energy costs per year. In addition, Deco Lighting donated three more LED lights for the right side of the building as it did not have any lighting before.

The building’s additional lighting promotes community activation in more ways than one. Lower energy bills allow Pico Union Project to donate money in other Los Angeles areas and promote overall community growth. As for the synagogue, city streetlights used to provide most of the lighting near the building, but it was not enough. Poor lighting caused the sidewalk along the right side to be unsafe at nighttime. Now that Deco Lighting’s LED fixtures are in place, the area is increasingly active during nighttime hours.

Communities can grow and achieve ultimate goals by practicing ecological sustainability. Pico Union Project can motivate a stronger Los Angeles culture and is able to through society’s adaption of industrial technology.

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