What does a master-planned community integrating a suite of energy-efficient heating/cooling/hot water solutions, home appliances, security solutions, and EV (electric vehicle) chargers look like?

The city of Richland, Wash., will soon find out, upon completion of a 1,500-acre mixed-use community under development in Badger Mountain South involving a strategic partnership including Bosch, www.boschusa.com, Farmington Hills, Mich., and Orca Energy, www.orcaenergies.com, Redmond, Wash.

Located near a popular recreational destination, the community will include 5,000 new “energy-smart” designer homes, apartments, commercial and retail space, recreational spaces, and schools within a setting that emphasizes walkability and sustainability.

Every new home in Badger Mountain South will utilize a geothermal heat-pump system for heating and cooling, and offer a compatible hot water solution, supplied by Bosch. Geothermal utility provider Orca Energy will supply the geothermal loop infrastructure.

Community homes will be pre-wired to incorporate a solar system, when operated with the geothermal energy system delivers the most efficient and effective means to achieve ZNE (Zero Net Energy) use. A ZNE home generates as much electrical energy as it consumes throughout a year, explains Bosch, with excess energy generation being supplied back into the electric utility grid.

Bosch’s involvement in the Badger Mountain South project – the first phase of which is called “West Vineyard One” and involves 150 homes – supports the company’s strategy to bundle a range of its sustainable, smart, secure products and services for the developer, builder, and homeowner.

Bosch partnered with Orca Energy, a geothermal utility provider, to accelerate the adoption of geothermal system use for new home developments in the U.S. and Canada. The Orca ‘thermal service model’, eliminates the first and most significant hurdle to utilizing geothermal technology – the upfront costs of installing and maintaining the geothermal ground-loop infrastructure.

Bosch geothermal heat-pumps will be connected from each home to the Orca installed ground-loop infrastructure system, which consists of boreholes that utilize the earth’s stored energy. With the Orca model, a homeowner pays a one-time connection fee along with a MUC (monthly utility charge), billed on a quarterly basis. The MUC consists of a capacity charge and a variable monthly energy charge indexed to the Consumer Price Index.

“Homeowners in the community will experience uncompromising comfort delivered by the quiet geothermal system while benefiting from predictable energy costs and associated savings year-to-year.” says Robert Bosch President Mike Mansuetti.

“Together with our recognized appliances, security, and EV charging solutions,” Mansuetti continues. “Homes that incorporate the Bosch suite will be truly efficient, secure, and sustainable, resulting in increased value for the homeowner.”

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