When J.M. Electrical Co., www.jmelectrical.com, Lynnfield, Mass., completed construction and project operations at the Castle Square Apartments located in Boston’s historic South End neighborhood, the work came with a green appeal. Energy efficiency is the name of the game today in construction, and these upgrades certainly fit the bill.

It is no surprise that J.M. Electrical Co., would focus on energy efficiency in its work. After all, the company is known for working in advanced automated building system installations. In an effort to reduce energy demand and consumption, Castle Square Apartments created an energy conservation plan to upgrade all apartment units and facility HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) systems with energy efficient technology. In all, this will help the project realize cost savings with better energy practices and system modifications.

Called the DER (Deep Energy Retrofit), this was fully completed by the summer of 2012, and the enhancements are estimated to save Castle Square more than 50% annually in gas and electricity costs. DER is defined as a renovation that saves up to 50% of energy costs, and the work at Castle Square cut energy spending by 72% for its residents through the integration of various control systems. According to the companies, once the renovation is completed the project is expected to achieve U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Gold Certification and will be considered the largest Deep Energy Retrofit in the country.

The upgrades included several heating and cooling control systems, as well as upgrades to the facilities’ boiler system, using modern energy saving technology.

J.M. Electrical installed automated boiler room controls, direct digital controls in four mechanical rooms, and even installed fresh air control systems with energy efficient technology. This will help to ensure occupants receive fresh air throughout the day. A solar thermal hot water boiler system, one of only two in the country and which uses solar energy to generate and store hot water, is also part of the upgrades to the facility.

“We commend the Castle Square Apartments for its cooperation and leadership in embracing an energy efficient solution for these apartments,” says Adam Palmer, project manager, J.M. Electrical. “Not only are these projects expected to result in significant energy cost savings for the Castle Square residents, but it will also provide an excellent road map to achieving carbon and energy reductions in existing buildings.”