Hawaii’s Palmyra Atoll is getting an integrated clean energy solution with the help of R.P. Delio and Co., www.rpdelio.com, Honolulu, Hawaii. The company is joining TNC (The Nature Conservatory), www.nature.org, Arlington, Va., effort to eliminate fossil fuel use with one of the world’s only atoll-based commercial microgrid platforms.

PREP (Palmyra Renewable Energy Project) seeks to eliminate fossil fuel use from the scientific research facility and nature reserve on Palmyra, Atoll. R.P. Delio and Company donated more than $100,000 in engineering time to promote the project’s efforts. To further accomplish TNC’s goals, the engineering company is acting as the design consultant and using Waypoint Power platform to regulate energy supply, demand, and power quality from the diverse generation and storage sources connected to the microgrid.

The integrated microgrid solution eliminates fossil fuels from the scientific research facility and nature reserve on Palmyra Atoll. The reserve is sensitive and removing sources of adverse environmental impact helps PREP achieve its ultimate goal. R.P. Delio and Co.’s Waypoint Power control is essential in managing the resources for the project.

The Waypoint Power platform undertakes voltage and frequency regulation to monitor the microgrid and ensure the system’s energy balance is intact and distributed correctly. These processes all occur in realtime. The platform’s MicroNOC contains a PLC (programmable logic controller) with proprietary sensors and programming. MicroNOC is the decision-making brain for demand and supply dispatch decisions and manages dynamic load properties.

The MicroNOC will run an automated optimization every minute to control the demand and supply dispatch. This optimizes microgrid operations, generators, power flow controllers, and switches and loads. Its sensors and communication links provide realtime information to MicroNOC, which acts as the central communications control.

PREP and R.P. Delio and Co., are working together to bring environmental and financial benefits to the reserve, but the project also brings a sense of security. The site should have continuous power and service by leveraging stored energy and backup battery banks. Just in case, though, the system will be designed to handle power outages and dangerous situations that may disrupt any power-generating components.

The Waypoint Power platform will coordinate with BEMS (building and energy management systems) to level cost of energy and lower carbon emissions. R.P. Delio and Company works hard to make clean energy transformations with its evolving technology and is well on its way to helping TNC accomplish the PREP vision.

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