Digital asset-management solutions can help construction companies enhance project quality and meet schedules while reducing rework and risk during operations.

AVEVA,, Cambridge, U.K., is introducing a number of improvements to AVEVA NET, its information-management software including enhancing the overall user experience along with productivity, which allows for significant savings across engineering projects and asset operations.

The latest release benefits from simpler and quicker installation and an enhanced user interface which is both intuitive and tablet friendly. With an enhanced 3D interaction as well as faster and more powerful search, visualization, and navigation capabilities, AVEVA NET 5.0 delivers an optimal experience to its users. It continues to maintain an open and agnostic approach to integration, accepting data via any source. Additionally, AVEVA NET 5.0 is cloud-ready, providing customers the benefits of greater system flexibility and scalability.

“Helping our customers to gain a competitive advantage has always been a primary focus for us,” says Derek Middlemas, COO and head of enterprise solutions, AVEVA. “Feedback from early adopters of this latest version has been extremely positive, confirming faster deployment and unmatched productivity when exploiting digital-asset information.”

AVEVA NET 5.0 is the key technology supporting AVEVA’s digital information hub solutions, allowing EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) contractors and owner operators to quickly capture, explore, and interrogate their digital asset data. In addition, it enables efficiency in the complex process of progressively delivering an asset’s data from its engineering and construction phase into its operations phase.

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