Construction companies are migrating various points of business operations to align with long-term objectives, such as heightened collaboration. As the industry transitions to more collaborative processes, traditional enterprise construction technology providers are taking a new spin on software, extending services and product offerings.

One example a construction-technology provider advancing its portfolio of products and services comes from Viewpoint Construction Software,, Portland, Ore.

Yesterday, the construction-software provider announced it has partnered with EVault,, San Francisco, Calif., to provide Viewpoint For Disaster Recovery, which replicates information stored onsite to the cloud.

The company says Viewpoint For Disaster Recovery couples replication technology with services to ensure databases are accessible in the cloud within four hours. For its construction customers, this will provide data protection in case of disaster.

In September, Viewpoint also announced Viewpoint For Project Collaboration, which is designed to extend the abilities of traditional project-management solutions by improving communications and collaboration among multiple project stakeholders on both internal and external teams.

As the industry continues to evolve business processes, Viewpoint Construction Software is one provider that is looking to meet the changing needs of construction.

As another example, yesterday, Computer Guidance Corp.,, Scottsdale, Ariz., announced the formation of its Software Delivery Department, which unites disciplines involved in testing, packaging, and implementation of new releases.

The company says this will allow software to be delivered quickly and will provide a more consistent experience for customers. Being able to implement new technology quickly is key for construction companies today.

In addition to collaboration and quick installation, another big trend for construction companies is mobility. One case of a mobile enhancement to an existing product for construction businesses comes from Maxwell Systems,, King of Prussia, Pa. The software company launched RedLine for ProContractorMX Mobile Connect in September, which enables field professionals to modify electronic documents on the go.

These are just a few recent examples of how technology is progressing. As the needs of the construction industry change so too do the product offerings from the technology providers. Now might be the right time to see what type of new functionality your software vendor is offering.