For the construction industry, there are number of apps to help improve productivity on the jobsite. Evernote,, Redwood City, Calif., is one such app that many construction professionals use for managing tasks on a job, but some say such an app can be challenging to use in construction due the lack of integration to backend systems. Now, with a new partnership in construction, that is beginning to change.

Today, Evernote and NoteVault,, San Diego, Calif., have announced a new partnership. Together the companies will allow construction professionals to generate reports and aggregate the notes between the accounts. When users make or change a note in Evernote, it will automatically sync with NoteVault.

NoteVault provides a way for contractors to capture photos and details of issues, activities, staffing, materials, and equipment status, allowing project team members to enter notes by voice, email, text, or typing online.

Designed for anyone to use, Evernote allows users to take and archive notes. From there, the person can sort the information into folders for tagging and annotation purposes. Evernote Business is designed with the professional worker in mind, helping companies present content and share notes companywide.

The app has become popular in a number of industries, including construction, with companies such as Level 10 Construction,, Sunnyvale, Calif., using the technology.

The value of Evernote for construction includes things like sharing info across platforms, a large amount of storage space, and search capabilities. However, until now, one of the challenges of using Evernote in the construction industry has been the limited integration capabilities of the technology.

Peter Lasensky, founder, NoteVault, says the integration between NoteVault and Evernote will give construction professionals more options and functionality, allowing them to have a complete solution for note taking and reporting.

With Evernote Business and the integration with NoteVault, construction professionals have new tools for managing notes and reports while on the jobsite. It will be interesting to see how Evernote continues to make its push into the construction market.