Australia’s Perth Airport handles more than 13 million travelers each year. To maintain the safety of its passengers, visitors, and employees, the airport operates one of the largest surveillance installations in Australia, which was recently expanded with the support of a platform provided by Aimetis Corp.,, Waterloo, Ont., and EMC Isilon,, Seattle, Wash.

The scalability of the Aimetis and EMC platform allows the airport to double its camera deployment to meet regulatory obligations for aviation security and surveillance. Additionally, the Aimetis and EMC combined solution allows the airport to quickly protect new facilities with the latest video surveillance technology and improve its responsiveness to security incidents through immediate access to video data.

Running Aimetis Symphony together with EMC Isilon storage provides Perth Airport with extreme scaling of its camera operations from hundreds to thousands, which can be easily added as required. Including new IP cameras and existing analog cameras, Perth airport’s deployment of Aimetis Symphony has doubled in the past year reaching a total of approximately 1,000 cameras today. Further expansion is planned in the coming months to add another 300 to 400 cameras with the opening of a new terminal.

The airport projects more than triple passenger volume in the next 30 years. In the next five years, the airport expects to complete construction on a third runway, while also opening new domestic and international piers, car parks, and a hotel.

The use of network video management software is a critical element of the airport’s security strategy. Perth Airport wants to capitalize on new video surveillance technology as well as advances that provide realtime access to high-resolution video streams.

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