For construction companies looking to expand business operations, ERP (enterprise-resource planning) solutions can help improve project planning and control. More construction companies, as of late, are looking for ways to get more out of an existing ERP solution.

MHS Legacy Group,, St Louis, Mo., for example, recently upgraded its ERP solution to eCMS v.4.0 from Computer Guidance Corp.,, Scottsdale, Ariz.

For growth of expanding business, solutions like eCMS v.4.0 help bring new technologies to commercial contractors for driving fiscal and project planning and control. Companies partnering toward this innovation signal market expertise, as summarized by Roger Kirk, CEO, Computer Guidance Corp. “Our continuing investment in research and development of these technologies and the launch of applications such as our Human Resources Self Service, Mobile eCMS, and Cognos Dashboards proves to our customers that we can provide the tools necessary for their success both today and in the future,” he says.

MHS Legacy Group’s on-premise installation with Computer Guidance’s eCMS solution will focus on core financials, job cost, payroll, time and material billing, human resources, order processing, purchasing, enterprise content management, Cognos Business Intelligence and Analytics, and eForms electronic form generation and processing.

“We are excited about the advanced technology and new functionality that comes with our upgrade to eCMS v.4.0 and how it will help us to better manage our business,” states Connie Buehner, accounting manager, MHS Legacy Group.

“Computer Guidance Corp., has supported our company with centralized processing and reporting for many years, and now with eCMS v.4.0 we anticipate this trend continuing with new applications such as Cognos Business Intelligence and Analytics and Mobile eCMS.”

Getting the most out of an ERP solution can provide added benefits to construction companies. It could be time to look at upgrading your ERP solution.