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Company scoreboard:

Strong sense of ethics and public accountability

Balance the company’s needs with that of its people

Social responsibility to aid in charity


Continued development of its new apps

Conference to inspire ongoing learning for clients

Diversity in employees, which translates to diversity in tech offerings

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“Explorer Software’s company culture is one that supports balance, charitable responsibility, and diversity. Its company objectives translate to success for its customers.” —Constructech editors

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A part of JDM Technology Group, Explorer Software’s mission is to be a leading provider of enterprise construction software, which it does through a strong sense of ethics and public accountability.

The company recognizes that it has an obligation to itself, its employees, and their families to ensure Explorer remains successful. Thus, the leadership team works to balance the company’s needs with that of its people. It also encourages its employees to participate in professional organizations and attend and speak at conferences and meetings.

The company’s Flex Benefit program is meant to inspire its people to take care of their physical and mental health by providing additional funds to go toward a variety of interests including charitable donations, educational classes, gym memberships, and more, which can be used by the employee or their family members.

Explorer Software also believes that it has a social responsibility to aid in charity work and to reduce carbon footprint. Thus, everyone in the company works from home to reduce carbon emissions. Further, charity work is a core belief and it encourages its employees to volunteer in their communities to help the less fortunate.

The company also encourages diversity by hiring employees from all over the world, which in turn benefits its customers, as the company enables its software to be offered in multiple languages and its team can assist with support, training, and implementation for diverse nationalities.

At the end of the day, the company’s main objective is to serve its customers by focusing on the continued development of new technology. Going beyond managing debits and credits, Explorer Software provides integrated job-cost accounting, equipment control, and project management technology that gives its customers access to realtime data throughout the organization. It has had a big focus recently on the continued development of its new apps. To help its clients, it also holds an annual conference where attendees can participate in classes on how to best use the software.

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