You cannot be there at all times on projects. So why not let technology lend a helping hand? Digital, high-definition cameras specifically built for construction are making news as a viable option for contractors that need realtime views into project sites–even when they cannot be there in person.

Such products are certainly nothing new to construction. In fact, these products have been around for years. However, some recent releases are increasing the functionality tied to these cameras, providing users with more useful options than ever before.

The latest comes from, OxBlue,, Atlanta, Ga., which has announced a major upgrade to its online construction camera system, enhancing the ability for users to review and document construction progress using high-definition time-lapse videos.

A new end-user interface displays images from OxBlue camera, while also featuring online time-lapse movie resolution increased by 10 times, In addition, the high-definition time-lapse movies available in the OxBlue iPad app are now available in OxBlue’s online software interface.

A central theme to these updates is the ability to allow users to review job for performance and sequencing of work in a more efficient manner. Thumbnail previews, calendar drop-downs, and time-navigation capabilities are also new features that build on this capability. The ability to download high-definition time-lapse videos directly from the interface for the purposes of project analysis and marketing is another added benefit.

Another company focused on Webcams for construction is EarthCam,, New York, N.Y. Earlier this year the company acquired fellow construction camera service Work Zone Cam. With the new product line EarthCam is able to offer smaller construction companies a Webcam to fit their needs.

The company believes this product line is ideal for users that require a basic Web camera with modest Web integration, but without additional multifaceted features of a comprehensive camera management service.

Construction Webcams provide a good option for large scale infrastructure projects, for example. These projects are often very high scale and require accurate tracking of all activities. Perhaps a Webcam is just the type of eyes in the sky needed on your next project.