For specialty contractors serving the residential homebuilding market, such as carpenters, plumbers, remodelers, and landscapers, among others, much of the work is done in the field. Today, there is an increased demand to work less from the office and more from the road, which makes devices such as faxes difficult to use effectively. But what if your fax could be in the cloud?

Last week, j2 Global,, Hollywood, Calif., announced more residential builders are beginning to use its online fax service and its business phone service, which enables users to respond to phone calls and receive and send signed contracts from the jobsite.

Here is how it works: eFax gives builders a fax number that sends faxes directly to email and allows them to receive and even sign faxes from any mobile device. The faxes are stored online and are searchable by date or content. Builders can also take a picture with a camera on a phone and use the eFax mobile app to fax it back to the client. This can all be done from the jobsite.

As another cloud service, eVoice provides a business phone number that can be answered on any mobile or home phone. A recorded messaged and customized menu options offers a professional answering service for clients on the front end, while on the backend calls can be routed to mobile device or home phones when needed.

Additional capabilities of eVoice include call screening, meaning ever caller is announced by name before you decide to answer or take a message, and voicemail messages can be transcribed and delivered as text messages or emails. With the call recording function, details can be documented to minimize miscommunications.

Pipe Doctor Plumbing, Long Island, N.Y., is one such company using the eVoice cloud service. Michael Diack, owner, Pipe Doctor Plumbing, says, “My office moves with me, whether I’m in my truck, home, or at a client site.” He continues, saying, the eVoice services allows him to operate efficiently no matter where he is located, and most importantly, voicemails are transcribed and sent to his inbox so he knows exactly what clients need.

These days, it seems like everything and anything can be put in the cloud. For remodelers and homebuilders, having phone and fax services in the cloud could provide a professional climate for clients, while allowing workers to continue business out at the jobsite.