How is your construction company sharing files between the office and the jobsite? These days, more and more workers are using mobile devices to access files in the field. The challenge is transferring large design files can be slow and, in many cases, construction companies don’t have a standard process in place for accessing documents on mobile devices.

This is where file sharing comes into play. File-sharing systems enable workers to access files on any device while storing the content securely elsewhere. Some file-sharing tech is also designed for industries such as construction that need to transfer large design files quickly.

Greymane Contracting,, Pembroke, Bermuda, a medium-sized general contracting company focusing on hospitality, commercial, institutional, and high-end residential, was looking for an easier way to make inquires with subs and suppliers.

In the past, the company had spent more than $50,000 in one year printing documents and drawings associated with the bidding process. As such, it decided to implement ShareFile from Citrix,, Santa Clara, Calif., for file sharing.

With the technology, Greymane Contracting offers password-protected access for suppliers and subs. Company employees can also monitor activity by tracking exactly which documents have been downloaded, at what time, and by whom.

For this construction company, the file-sharing technology eliminated high printing costs, the time consuming process of sending and receiving documents, and the complex bidding process. The result was document tracking and savings in both time and money.

For the construction industry, making the move to a file-sharing system can improve business processes such as bidding. The key will be finding a solution that can transfer large drawings and files quickly.